Monday, May 26, 2008

So yeah, I'm going to the Philippines!

I know it's really going to happen now. I leave August 13 for staging and it seems like I can think of nothing else. Sometimes I try to think of what I am most excited about... a new culture, new people, travel? I've come up with an answer finally; while I'm excited about all those things I find myself most excited about teaching. It seems like my anxiety about the unknown of what's to come has its highs and lows, but whenever I think of actually going over there for a purpose, to teach English, I have this calming feeling. It makes me feel like I'm making the correct choice for what I should be doing. It feels good.

Holy crap, did I mention I'm going to the Philippines!! :)


Justin said...

Hey Connie! I'm going to be teaching English too. very nice to meet you.

~Lynn~ said...

Hi Connie! I'll be going to the Philippines as well - can't wait!

Hillary said...

Hi Connie! (and Justin and Lynn)
I'm a Philippines PC volunteer, too - in Education (English Language Fluency). Looking forward to meeting you in August - can't believe it's coming up so fast!

Ellie said...

Connie, bring lots and lots of chocolates, swiss miss and stuff like that. they are very, very expensive there--and it's a good way to foster goodwill, plus, you'd be missing them by the first two weeks! Wishing you well.

oh, and try to bring a supply tylenol, allergy tablets (dust and pollution) and vitamins for yourself. - Ellie