Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson

What would be my perfect night? HMM... it could be a night full of funny Filipino kids singing Michael Jackson songs and dancing to hip-hop music in a serious dancing/singing competition...oh and off course my perfect night would include a Michael Jackson Look-alike Contest. Last night, was the perfect night!

The school that I'm volunteering at had their annual Acquaintance Party. Each year the school holds a ceremony where new students are formally introduced, and new student government officers are sworn in. It's also a time where classes compete against each other in singing, dancing, "muse and prince charming," table decorations, and specifically for this year, a Michael Jackson impersonation contest.

The theme for this year's party was supposed to be a luau, but when the students found out that Michael Jackson passed away, the theme was changed to a hip-hop theme. It definitely made the party a big hit with the kids, and gave them a lot of ideas for how to be creative. The songs that they used for the competition were Beat It, We are the World, Heal the World, and then for the dance competition they used more current songs, like Jai-Ho.

My favorite part of the night by far was the Michael Jackson look-alike contest. These kids were awesome. So funny.

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