Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. and Miss Intramurals

I just got back from the Mr. and Miss Intramurals 2009 beauty pageant. The school has been getting ready for it for about a month. I was on the planning committee, but since my language skills are basically non-existent, they basically just gave me the job of writing and typing all the English that was said during the program.

Pageants are really serious here. They have to go and get money by soliciting to residents in town to be able to put on the show, buy trophies, decorations, and sashes... and of course snacks. They had the show at the tennis court, which was filled with adults and kids from around town. The theme was "Saving Marine Life," so the contestants did a big production number at the beginning which involved them dressing as different aquatic creatures. My favorite girl was a sea urchent and my favorite guy was a starfish. The other competitions were sports attire, formal, body profile, and beauty.

I was pretty hesitant about the whole pageant thing. I guess in my mind they usually have a negative conotation, but it was a pretty good time. I can definitely see how if you're in a small town things like this can really be a high light. People worked really hard on it, and I'm glad that the kids had a good time.

The only thing I still can't figure out though is how do handguns and whips fit into the sports attire competition?

And I'm super excited that one of my "sheet of paper" boys won!

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