Friday, December 11, 2009

longest day ever

Christmas vacation time! After 20+ hours of flying, some exciting airport food, and serious temperature shock, I made it back to Florida. Christmas vacation has officially started, and readjustment into American culture is well in progress. My first thoughts: a lot of people wear the color black, it seems like less people smile (or at least airport workers), and WOW it's super clean! I love me some clean public bathrooms :)

I must go now, giant portion sizes are calling!


MisterEd said...

Hi! I'm from Jacksonville, FL and I'm a long time and loyal fan of your blog. From one Floridian to another, welcome back to the Sunshine State! P.S. > Did you manage to surreptitiously bring some P.I. mangoes with you? If so, I'll pay you big dollars for those :)

Connie Hoover said...

haha, sorry, already consumed :)