Monday, October 11, 2010

Despedida Season

Despedida: a farewell party. Yep, it's time to say goodbye, and that's just a little crazy. I think saying adios to all the students and coteachers is made easier by knowing it's not goodbye forever. With things like Facebook and e-mail, not to mention the ability to fly back once I save a lot of pesos, I know that I'll stay up to date about all the current events at my site. But still, I'm sure going to miss talking with my coteacher in between classes, joking with students, watching kids read in the library, and listening to the school's hymn every morning. So, a big thank you to INHS for having me the last two years, and letting me join the INHS family. And you're right, "It's not goodbye, but till then..."


Anonymous said...

i've been following pcv blogs the last 4 years and you have the most fun to read blog i would say, not to mention that wonderful smile of yours. you're a real trooper, 2 yrs is a long time. many thanks to you and to your 267 fellows for a great job serving my country. good luck in your next endeavor.

maraming salamat.

Connie Hoover said...

that's such a sweet thing to say, thank you! and thank you for hosting us all for not only the last 2 years, but for allowing pc to share the good times with ya'll for almost the last 50!