Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lost and... Still Lost

I have learned the power of a small Filipino town. I lost my umbrella. I have no idea what happened to it, here yesterday and gone today. I told my host mom #2 it was gone, and she began a search that is so indepth, if she doesn't find my umbrella, she will at least uncovered the mystery of life.

What does this search entail you wonder? Well it began with her texting my co-teacher before I had even walked the 15 minutes to school and telling her that I lost my umbrella. Next, the text approach must have continued to every teacher at the school because throughout the day they all came up to me and asked, "So you lost your umbrella?" Yep, sure did! Even students began to question me about it. With the text approach not bringing any immediate answers, she moved into a groundwork approach: she came to the school. She wanted to know if I had found it yet and continued to tell others that I lost my umbrella. Yep, I sure did! She next moved the groundwork to a new location, the post office, just incase I left it there the other day.

As of 6:30 this evening, the umbrella is still missing. I have however discovered the intricate communication networks of a small Filipino town.


Josh and Sarah said...

One word- WOW. I bet you'll never mention losing anything again, ever!

MisterEd said...

Crazy! Is that what they call the bamboo network?

Frankie said...

And not only that, your next box from here will contain an array of Dollar Store umbrellas that you can just leave (or hide) anywhere!

Today I am especially thankful for you, ConnieSueWho, and your beautiful spirit (and wonderful wit, too!).

Happy Thanksgiving!