Monday, June 29, 2009

This One's For You Mrs. Godwin :)

Wowsa, so school is off and running, and I guess you could say that things are just routine now. The small town feeling is definitely kicking-in, so any out-of-the-blue occurances quickly catch your attention and become the highlight of the week.

The big things the last week have been chicken harvesting and 4 boxes of books being delivered.

Chicken harvesting is done at the poultry farms, which the closest one that I know of is probably a 30 minute walk from my house, up in the hills behind the school. The only reason I can tell when it's chicken harvesting time is because of the major increase in flies, and when I mean major, I mean MAJOR! It's unbelievable how many flies can swarm around the entire town, even though the poultry farm is so far away.

The books coming in are unbelievable. I know some of them must be brand new, and I can tell some were loved dearly by their previous owners (those make me smile the most). Thank you to all who sent books, we're up to over 4,000 so far!

Due to a tropical storm that we had last week, the delivery man was really late in delivering the boxes. They're usually delivered in the early afternoon, but this time he wasn't able to come until 10pm, which is way past my Filipino bedtime. He also usually delivers them directly into the library, which is awesome because as you can imagine a box of books is HEAVY! But because of the time, and the school being locked, the boxes were delivered at the bottom of the hill at the Barangay Hall. This created a problem: how to get the 4 huge boxes of books up a hill that makes me out of breath when I just walk up to the school everyday. Solution: One of the other teachers volunteered to make the boys in her class to haul them up.

Questionable child labor, yes, but the job got done, and I bought them bananaque from the canteen as a reward. Win-Win situation, right?

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