Friday, June 5, 2009

school days, school days, dear old golden rule days

First week of school is finished! WOOHOO!! I really liked some parts, and really didn't understand some other parts. So, to end on a happy note, I'll do the misunderstood things first.

Ok, enrollement here can be described as nothing but "open." And by open, I mean, you just show up on the first day of schoool and walk into class. You're really supposed to come the week before school starts to sign your name on a piece of paper and bring your last report card from school, but of course not all people follow the rules. So as of today, there were still people settling into their final classes.

Our class numbers have skyrocketed it seems. I'm sure they will fall off eventually, but as of right now classes are averaging 50-60 students, compared to last year's 35-45. That's a big difference when it comes to having desks and having supplies for all the kids to participate in activities. I did a pre-fix activity with the kids, and had to think of 5o words with pre-fixes... which sounds like it should be simple...but so not.

The final schedule was finally published today, Friday, the last day of school for the first week. I'm expecting a new one on Monday :)

New teachers were still being added until Thursday. And the teachers who were designated to teach at the beginning of the year didn't have any clue what subjects they were teaching until the first day of school.

Ok, onto the things that just consistently made me smile this week.

I LOVE the first year classes. They're brand new to the school and continually impress me. They're excited to learn, are always ready to take the lessons a step further, and get excited when I ask the questions, "Who wants to impress me?" or "Is that a paragraph we can be proud of?" Too cool.

The library continues to be like this new treasure. New students are starting to come in and check books out, and I'm having a story time for the community kids tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see who comes.

I'm fitting in with the other teachers more. I've been given a new co-teacher in addition to my old one. The new teacher and I haven't taught together yet, but hopefully it'll all work out, and the lessons that I have taught with my previous teacher seem to be going smoother than the ones we did last school year. I think we've finally gotten into a rhythm that fits both of us, and the kids seem to be settling in with it. I hope this continues, because it makes everything so much more enjoyable!

So, overall great first week. I'm exhausted, but I think that just means I've done all I can, and am ready for the weekend!

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