Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bad for the crops

Though the days of our summer vacation are quickly dwindling, there is one thing that keeps rising in Leyte; the heat!

Man, everyday seems to be a scorcher and it seems like there's a cd in my head on repeat that keeps saying, "It's hot, It's hot, It's hot." Ha, the heat is almost all mind consuming. It wears me out mentally and physically. I'm ready for bed by 8.

I thought the humidity was bad in Florida, but I think it's worse here. And then to top it off, ever since the election and we've had such little rain that the water levels are down so the water only runs in the house from like 11pm-5 or 6am. I wake up in the middle of the night to fill buckets and old coke bottles so I have water for the next day, aaaaaand I do the dreaded laundry.

Yeah, it's 3am and I'm doing laundry.

Which leads me to end with, Anybody want to get a raindance started?

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