Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday Night Movie

Do you ever wonder if your dreams may be psychic visions? Predictions of what are to come? Sometimes, I super hope so.

I've had some really cool dreams since being in the Philippines. One night I dreamed my host mom was Oprah. My room was a-maz-ing! As was the ski boat and lake that was part of the package.

Another night I had President Obama visit my classroom here in the Philippines. Super cool, but I was so nervous! He really is nice in person.

And then last Monday night I dreamed of a salad fight. I so miss good salads. There were all types of lettuce, bright red tomatoes, and feta cheese; all flying in the air, just waiting to be devoured.

These could all be right around the corner for me! A quick glimpse of good things to come!

Ooooor, if you wanted to make another guess as to why I have some strange dreams, you could say it's from the malaria pills that volunteers here are required to take every week. Vivid dreams are a side effect, and while mine aren't terrifying like some of the other stories I've heard, they do seem really real.

I'd kind of like to go with psychic though... that seems WAY more fun :)

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