Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hellmann's vs. Kraft

Yet another cool Filipino tradition: Flores de Mayo. Each May the children will meet at the tiny barangay chapels and bring flowers to honor the Virgin Mary. I'm not entirely sure, but I guess the closest thing we have in America would be Vacation Bible School, since it's done in May when kids are out for summer.

Tonight was the big parade the kids have to celebrate the end ofMay. I watched it from my house; I'm on the official parade route luckily. The streets were packed with kids, girls mostly in white dresses and the occasional veil, and boys in white shirts and shorts. They all had candles and flowers. There were also some girls that were dressed in gowns. They were supposed to represent different queens, like Queen of Charity and Queen Conviction, which all have been related to stories in the Bible or in Philippine history.

I think the best part about the parade for me was seeing all the kids that I've gotten to meet since being at site. We've been on summer break since the end of March, and school starts tomorrow, so it was fun to see people I've missed.

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Cathy Owen said...

Hey there! I was just thinking about you today and thought I would catch up on your blog. Hope all is well with you as you start school and we are well here with school ending.

Because of you I have learned something today. I was curious why there are so many Spanish names in the Philippines as the country is far away from any Spanish speaking countries. Thanks to you and Wikipedia I have found my answer and can file that bit of info in my brain.

Cathy Owen