Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 minute boatride from Paradise

Last weekend was super fun. Some friends and I rented a pumpboat, with a driver :), and island hopped around the 4 islands off the coast of Inopacan. The day was beautiful! Sun everywhere, fish jumping, snorkeling, and white sand were everywhere. The islands are pretty small, but they're right out of a travel brochure. Low rocky cliffs on some of them, coconut trees, thatched huts, fishermen in banka boats; it's all here. Amazing.

My host mom packed a HUGE lunch for us. We had fried chicken, rotessorie chicken, rice, pineapple, biko, coke, and enough water to fill a swimming pool. So much fun to have a picnic on a tropical paradise with fun friends!

By the end of the day we made it to the last island, Digyo, and set up camp. We had a bonfire, more food, watched the fishermen unload their nets, and watched the most amazing sunset. It was great...till 2 am when the rain started. Nothing like nonstop rain in a tent that leaks, but oh well, stuff happens.

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