Friday, August 7, 2009

A is for Apple

Another school week down, and now I'm thinking, what was I THINKING?! My next project at site is a 2 hour pre-school on Saturday mornings for 3-5 year olds. So really, school week, NOT done.

I've got mixed feelings on the project.

A. Why did I give up all of my Saturday mornings?

B. I really love working with little kids!

C. Are people going to come?

D. I like being able to use all the pre-school experience that I've been able to get.

E. I miss the di-cut machine ALOT

F. It's fun to have a challenge to use what I have and make it work. Examples: Reuse every piece of paper, Use the boards that were in the balikbayan boxes as little bulletin boards, Cut out things by hand instead of using stencils or THE CRICKET

So I'm not sure how many kids to expect, or how many high school helpers will actually end up coming to help, but I have the snack money that all the teachers at the high school donated and pages to make the A page for alphabet books, so I'm sure it'll be quite a party no matter what!

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