Tuesday, August 25, 2009

would it be insensitive to wear earplugs?

well, for the past month basically our school has been getting ready for Intramurals. That's like a two day sports celebration at school. All kinds of sports are being done, as well as a beauty contest and disco. Basically this has been put at the forefront of priorities, and I can't wait for it to be over. The school has been doing classes on a shortened schedule so that there are 2 free periods at the end of the day for students to practice their sports. They're going to hold competitions in lawn tennis, table tennis, boxing, volleyball, ballroom dancing, and a few other things I can't recall at the moment. I'm in charge of the lawn tennis competition...which should be interesting since we're supposedly not allowed to use the one tennis court in town.

During this "training period" for intramurals I've had some revelations. A) I've been in the Philippines a year B) I'm slowly but surely changing and not even noticing it. Case and point, I am incharge of typing the MC's opening remarks during the beauty pageant. As I was typing down what the judge's are going to be critiquing, given to me by the school, I texted my friend, asking, "Would schools in America ever have a 'best body outline' category in their beauty pageant?" She quickly responded with a, "No. But more importantly, they wouldn't be having the pageant in the first place!" haha, so very true! It never even entered my mind that only 2 crowns are handed out a year at public high schools, and neither of them are based off of "best body outline," ...well not officially at least.

Anyways, Intramurals isn't until next week, so yay for more band practices that seriously leave my ears ringing.

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