Saturday, January 23, 2010

let's take a walk

A walk to school takes only about 10 minutes. It's actually a pretty nice walk down the residential street I live on, take a right turn, and I find myself on the road that leads to the school. I definitely see things on my way to school that I hope I always remember, because well, they're so simple and not things that I would ever get to see in America. Here's what I saw during my walk yesterday on my way to open the library for Story Time:

coconut palms everywhere, the house where one of my students lives (they have 2 sets of twin boys, plus 2 other sons. The boys have chicken pox right now, but it doesn't stop them. Yesterday they were still running around outside, climbing trees, and having a grand time), a carabao lazily plodding down the street with a cart full of dirt harnesd to him, one little boy, probably around 2 and a half, who always waves to me. (His wave is awesome. He keeps his fingers tightly bunched together, fully extends his arm out towards me, and waves his hand in short spastic motions. It always makes me laugh.), the school gate locked, yet again, rooster calls (I timed it, I heard 30 rooster calls in 1 minute... no joke.) the library kids running up the hill, and Daisy Jane saying, "Ma'am Connie, I think we'll have to walk around the back and climb through the fence again," moms rushing out to take their clothes in from the line before the rain starts, and carabao prints in the mud.

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