Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's take a drive

Last Saturday we took a walk, so this Saturday, let's take a drive.

I've been in the Philippines for 17 months, I think, and riding the buses are normal now. For example, I didn't blink an eye this morning when I got onto one of the smaller buses that runs up and down the coast of Leyte, and joined 33 other people that were on the bus that was built for 24. I thought nothing of the entire back bench of the bus being filled from floor to ceiling with old pig feed bags (basically plastic burlap bags) that were stuffed with seaweed. The guy smoking next to me on the bus didn't really bother me, ok, well maybe a little, but at least he was right next to the window and most of the smoke got carried away with the wind. I liked seeing the traveling salesmen who were hauling their pots to sell, from town to town, hoping to come home with pockets full and hands empty. And I was excited when the kid in front of me turned on his cellphone to play music... and even more excited when the music Low.

And finally, it was fun because this bus scored high on my "How Filipino is my Ride?" game. Points are given for the number of rosaries, stuffed animals, Christmas lights, other religious figures, draperies, music, and number of livestock that can be seen in the vehicle. As you've gathered from above, music was present, but it wasn't Low, so the points were not as high. The bus did have 2 rosaries hanging, so that was double points, and it also had a Sto. Nino figure. The draperies were floral print and hung above the windshield, but sadly no Christmas lights were plugged in to work off the brake lights. On the bright side however, there were multiple stuffed animals suction cupped below the drapes. All in all, a high scorer!

My mom and sister are supposed to be visiting in April, I can't wait to play this game with them. :)

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Jasmine said...

That is the best game I've ever heard of.