Thursday, January 14, 2010


It started raining on Monday, it's now Friday afternoon, and I desperately need some sunshine!

I remember this time of year last year being pretty gloomy also. The rain makes things a little complicated at times. For instance, walking to school becomes less enjoyable. I've finally given up on the concept of saving money and just pay the 5 pesos for a put-put (taxi bicycle) ride to and from school. The drivers of the put-put, which gets its name for the sound of the horn that is attached to the bike, puts plastic up around the passenger seat, as well as around the driver portion. It's like being pedaled around town with a shower curtain wrapped around you. It somewhat keeps the rain off you, and by far better than walking and having the mud splatter up on the back of your pants. I have yet to master the act of walking without splashing.

Umbrellas are also big business right now. The students all bring them to school, which is true on days where there is no rain but rather rays of scorching sun, and will leave them hanging on the bars that cover the windows. The umbrellas line the windows like a Skittle's rainbow of different colors and patterns.

Another result of the rainy season is the pile of laundry that is quickly stacking up in my bathroom. The clouds and rain don't offer much in the way of drying my laundry, so I've given up. Washing will begin again when the sunny skies return.

It may sound all gloom, but with all this rain comes cool weather, so it's not all totally bad.

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