Saturday, July 3, 2010


I once said in a Facebook status: My favorite thing about hard boiled eggs is that nobody ever fries them.

Philippines, you have proven me wrong.

I was at Robinsons in Tacloban yesterday and saw this little booth called Itlog on a Stick (Egg on a stick). I became very curious, and then slightly disheartened when I found out that yes, there is such a thing as a deepfried hard boiled egg.

There's a lot of frying going on around this country, which is evident when probably 7-10 (done in my own personal, really has no scientific basis whatsoever, estimate) people will tell you they have "high blood." For a while my mind frame became, "If it's not fried or have condensed milk in it... I probably won't like it." But after numerous, and by numerous I mean sometimes up to 3 times a day, "You're fat," comments, I've started to seriously cut back on the fried food intake. It's easy if I'm cooking for myself, but it's not such an easy task to do if you're asked to eat at celebrations or other get-to-togethers around town. Sometimes though, you just gotta say no, even if it does make you look rude.

It was no problem at all however for me to turn down Itlog on a Stick!

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Anonymous said...

that's a street food called tukneneng, no idea what its taste like. hey,thanks for the good things youre doing in my country.