Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wearing It

I was in Jollibee this weekend (the Philippine equivalent to McDonald's. Instead of a clown with red hair they have a giant bee, a very happy bee.). I don't go as often as I used to, but when I'm craving frenchfries, or a clean bathroom, I'll stop and enjoy the aircon as well. That was the case this weekend. I didn't want to use the NASTY bathroom at the bus terminal, so I hitched over to the Jollibee. I always feel guilty when I use the bathroom there, but don't buy anything, so I broke down and bought a nice cold drink (ha, yeah, it was such a hardship on my part!)

The girl had just filled my glass full of Coke and was turning back towards the counter... exactly as another girl was turning around in the same area. Yep, the coke goes flying all over both girls. But the clean, dry guy employee who is just standing to the side turns to me and says in this awesome, slow-motion voice, "O-M-G."

I just started to laugh, cause what else can you do?

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