Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's a Small World

I had a "small world" experience today. One of the other girls in my cluster is from Tampa and this whole time we thought how ironic it was that two girls from Florida got put together out of all the places that we each could have been sent. Well the world got even smaller today when I began talking to one of the other girls who came to the Phlippines last year.

It turns out that this girl is from Orlando! And not just Orlando, but E/NE Orlando! And not just that, but the UCF area! It seemed like we were on Google Earth and it was taking us from Dumaguete all the way across the globe until it finally zoomed in on home. It was great to mention names, like Oviedo Marketplace, Fashion Square, University Blvd., 417, and Chapman Road... and actually have somebody who knew exactly what I was talking about. How crazy is that?!


Randy said...

Hi Miss Connie,
Greetings from Oviedo. We love reading your blog and need to show it to Adam and Austin. Glad things are going well. We miss your smiling face at FUMCO.
Randy and Lori See

marcie said...

PAstor Steve and I just visited with Deb & TIm and she gave me your blog. I have enjoyed reading all you have been experiencing.
The laundry part makes me grateful for washers and dryers! Oh my! i'd never make it through the rinses.
Steve and I will keep you and all your new adventures in our prayers.
God Bless, marcie

Connie Hoover said...

I miss ya'll too! I was thinking the other day how Austin must be having a blast in BOB. I hope all is going well!