Saturday, September 6, 2008

sinker or floater?

Have you ever thought if you would be a sinker or a floater? Today was our water safety training and luckily I was a... floater! Training consisted of us driving to this beach resort, putting on our PC issued life vests (they're the really cool bright yellow ones that they always have on the airplanes), riding out in a little pump boat into the middle of the ocean and then jumping out into the water.

Once we were in the water we had to swim with our life vests on, which is easier said than done! The vests have a tendency of going up by your necks, I know I had to look like a tropical version of the little brother from A Christmas Story. I'm glad there are no pictures of me floating in the ocean with that thing on! We also had to tip a pump boat and practice getting up and balancing on it once it was capsized.

I was really nervous about the whole training, got to say I'm not a big fan of water. But I thought overall I did allright. I actually laughed during it; we're floating in this crystal blue water with palm trees lining the shoreline, and all of a sudden we look like 2 feet away from us and see a tube of toothpaste floating.

Lessons learned: take a minute to enjoy the scenery, thank your friends again for buying you Chacos before you join the PC because you don't cut your feet on the coral, and always keep your mouth closed in the water because you never know what might be floating in it.

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