Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One Fine Day

Today could be described as just that, One Fine Day. It really was just a good day. I had language class from 8 to about 11:30, and I had somewhat of a clue of what was going on during it. (Somedays I'm ready to just throw my hands up and become a mute for the next two years, and most days I wish I still had my Yentz Bible from 9th grade English class because I have no clue what an infinitive is anymore). But today was a good language day.

Next I rode a trike into town. It's always nice to go into town, even if it's just to walk around. There's always something that I've never seen before. For example, today I saw 5 people on one moped. That is impressive! I also went to McDonald's for lunch :) It was yummy. After lunch I walked to PNB (Philippines National Bank) and got my rent money. Next stop was the whole reason I came to town: my new school.

I'm at a different school for the rest of my training, and the first day seemed to go really well. The school is much larger, but for some reason it seemed like the class sizes were smaller than the ones I had before. I'll be teaching in two Year 3 classes, so the kids are around 14 and 15 years old. The first class had about 45 students, and the second one was slightly smaller with around 35. They all seem like very nice kids.

Each class begins with the Lord's Prayer and then closes with another prayer. The girls wear a solid navy skirt (kind of 50's Grease Style) that come to their calves, with a white shirt. The boys wear khaki pants and white shirts for the most part. The classroom is very open to the outside, with only bars as windows. There is a courtyard immediately outside that seems to always have students in it. I haven't quite figured out the scheduling, and if the students have a free period during the day. One big difference between this school and the last one is the fact that the teacher stays in her classroom, and the students come to her. I kind of like that better!

The students always ask my age, with which I always reply, "Well how old do you think I am?" I know one day I'm going to really regret saying that back to them, but for now I'm happy with the reply: 20 years old? That's pretty good since I'm almost 23, right?! Now I just need to keep that up for the next 80 years.

So after school I walked back to the host house, which is about a 40 minute walk maybe. I kind of took my time, but it was a good amount of time for a walk. I like walking here though, aside from the sweating. But I've almost become accustomed to being sweaty all the time; that actually concerns me alittle. :) Ohs-a-well. Sweat and all, it was One Fine Day!


Mits said...

I think that you will never forget that day because it was little bit different from your all days...
You have done many things on that particular day by enjoying each and every thing...


Bea said...

One fine day, indeed.
Glad that you like your new school better.

wisekris said...

whoa it weird that you posted this because I JUST downloaded that song!


Its my recent favorite :)