Saturday, December 27, 2008

And here's to you Mrs. GMA

Good news, January 2nd has been declared a holiday in the Philippines. This means, I can leave for the New Year's trip, without having to take annual leave days, which means that's one more day I can add to my vacation when I come back home. Thank you President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo!

The way holidays are announced is still kind of new to me. It seems like they're just called out of no where. For example, in November it was Bonafacio Day, but then because fell on the weekend the president decided that the following Monday would be a Holiday was well... but it's not declared until the week of. So when you're teaching at a school, it's just like all of a sudden, "oh, we don't have school today!" Not like in America where no days are taken off unless it's a natural disaster outside or it's been on the school calendar 2 years in advance. Just different I guess.

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Josh and Sarah said...

Home to America or home to Leyte? Knowing your qualifications for the word "home", my guess is America. Or could it be that Connie Sue Who is warming up to the Philippines?:) I'm jealous if you're going to your real home for a visit at some point. Will you bring me with you if you are? Have a great New Years!