Monday, December 8, 2008

"Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!" said Gomer Pyle style

I was in the middle of teaching English I, second section today when all of a sudden I heard a drum roll. Now, in the States this may cause an alarm because the school yards are mostly silent during the middle of class. In the Philippines however, I've grown accustomed to strange sounds happening all the time; whether a rooster at 3:30 am, a dog at 4:30 am, the Cathederal's megaphone going off at 5:30 am, or even the kareokee singer I can hear right at this very moment five houses down at 8:00 pm. So a drum roll? No biggie.

Well this drum roll turned out to be the opening call of Teacher's Day! Surprise Surprise Surprise. I had no idea today was Teacher Day, nor did I have any idea there was anything called Teacher's Day. The best part? The other teachers had no idea either. The students completely put this together on their own, and it was amazing.

I was taken directly from the classroom by a student, and led to a stage area they had set up. There, each class read a speech and sang a song dedicated their class advisor. Since I am just a volunteer-teacher, I dont' have an advisory class. They did however sing me a song and speak to me. My song was "The Gift," you know the sappy love song from the 90's. Nothing beats a good sappy love song from the 90's!

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