Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tabang Pulihug (Help Please)

I am on a mission. I am on a mission to improve the library at Inopacan National High School. I am on a mission to improve the library at Inopacan National High School because I started a reading remediation program there, and the students deserve books to read after working so hard at improving their skills. And not just books, but books that are on their level; like chapter book series (Goosebumps, Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Animorph, etc.), quality children's literature (Maniac McGee, Shiloh, Bridge to Terabithia, Sarah Plain and Tall, Holes,etc.), non-fiction (books about science, sports, oceans, animals, cars, motorcycles, fishing, farming, receipes, etc.), magazines (pop-culture, National Geographic, Upper Room devotionals, etc.), old English or Grammar text books, even children's books (like Dr. Seuss or other beginning to read stories, to help students that are having difficulty with English phonics).

I’ve thought a lot today, well really for the past 4 months I’ve been in country, about how I could fundraise books. Ideas have started to form and take shape, most are still blurry and questionable about practicality, but one thing is blatantly clear; I need all the help I can get!

I’m currently considering the following:
· Book Drive- A couple people have offered to hold book drives for me back in the States, and I can’t even begin to say how much I appreciate that! How cool would it be to have the time could align with a Scholastic Warehouse Sale :)
· PC Affiliated Book Drives- I am searching for these, and will hopefully find a source to help.
· Public Schools- I’ve started a search to find out what the public schools do with their used textbooks (particularly their English and Grammar books). If my understanding is correct, the SCPS’ website says they are able to distribute these books to non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. My goal is to contact the local Oviedo schools’ textbook managers to inquire about their out-of-adoption textbooks.
· Public Library- Again, used books… where do they all go? Doesn’t the Casselberry branch have a used bookstore? Maybe I could check to see if they ever have to clear out the shelves or make room for newer old books- that didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean!
So this is where I currently stand. Of course the next dilemma is how to get the books over here. It seems like so far the best solution is the marvelous Balikbayan Box. I’m hoping that the PTCA at the school will help with shipping costs. They seem like they are a very supportive group of parents.

Oh, and one more dream of mine? I would love to have a reading comprehension program that would kind of mimic the idea of Accelerated Reader. Each book in the library would have an index card with 10 comprehension questions for students to answer to rate their understanding. I wonder if it’s conceivable to have the kid or parent write possible questions on a card and stick it in the book when they donate it. Kind of a "These are things that made me think when I read my book that I'm going to donate to a Filipino student," type idea. Just an idea… I figure if I think of more ideas than necessary, maybe a couple of them will end up working out!

So to wrap up this astronomically long blog post, does anyone have any other ideas of what I could do to raise books? I really would appreciate any help that I can get!


Oviedo Reader said...

Dear Connie:
This is an ambitious, worthy aim. M. will write to you later about transfering surplus books from the church Library.
You re-awaken memories from my Fulbright year in 1997-98. I shipped fifteen 40-pound boxes (my entire UCF office) to Zimbabwe at a cost of $543, and the shipment took three and a half months to catch up with me there. I donated almost all to the Africa University Library. What is a Balikbayan box, and how does it work?
Advent season is well under way here, and our choir will sing the cantata next Sunday.
Teachers' Day sounds like a wonderful occasion, and your enjoyment of the wonderful Filipino hospitality is evident.
Best regards and merry Christmas
Dick A.

Jeannie Harper said...

Hi Connie, This is Jeannie Harper. Your Mom mentioned your blog, so I thought I'd check it out! It's great to read what you're up to in the Philippines. I'm going to pursue the idea of having Upper Room devotionals shipped to you. Steve has some connections there. How many would you need? Knowing that might help us decide how to proceed. They are published bi-monthly. I'm assuming you'd like them in English? They have them in hundreds of different languages. Well, anyway, please let me know how we can be most helpful to you. Our love and prayers are with you. Much love and blessings, Jeannie

Connie Hoover said...

Hi Jeannie! That's great about the Upper Room devotionals. The Philippines is a very devout catholic country (I hear the local cathederal's megaphone every morning!) and religion is a huge part of their culture and everyday lives. Perhaps 2 or 3 copies would be great, but really if we can only do 1, that would be fantastic as well. The languages used here are Cebuano (Vasayan), Tagalog, and English. Thanks for all your help and prayers!

help with books said...

Hi Connie:
Im a Pinoy living in California.
I came across this blog and I would like to help - maybe send 1 or 2 balikbayan boxes of used books. I attend a Filipino church here in San Diego. I'd like to send you my email add for correspondence, but I don't like to post it here. Would it be possible to send it via a text msg?
Don :)

Connie Hoover said...

That would be fantastic! Unfortunately we're not allowed to give out our cell numbers, but if anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to write me at