Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So, this one is kind of a downer...

Things I miss:
1. My parents and family
2. My friends
3. Driving
4. Going Christmas shopping with my dad
5. Church's Christmas Eve Service
6. My mom's spaghetti
7. My personal space
8. Making my own breakfast and lunch, and telling my mom "thank you for supper."
9. Listening to music while I drive my car
10. Understanding the jokes that people tell
11. Going to the beach by myself
12. The Office
13. The first 15 minutes of Regis and Kelly
14. Waking up to quietness
15. Coming home after school and talking to my parents
16. Work lunches at Tijuana's
17. Regular refried bean burrito, no jalepenos, extra black olives
18. Crushed ice
19. Seatbelts
20. Butter crust pizza from Hungry Howie's
21. Grilled cheese sandwhiches with no pickles anywhere on the plate
22. Watching Grey's Anatomy with Kris and Kindie
23. Target
24. Playing sumo wrestler with Bekah
25. Painting Abby's nails
26. Christmas tags that say To Connie Sue From Santa that are in my dad's handwriting
27. The Statue of Liberty pose
28. Working in the nursery
29. Going to the movies with Tim and Debbie
30. Bobby saying, "don't make that face at Mom, Connie."


Anonymous said...

It may have been a downer of a post but I got a good chuckle out of it! And I was observing not only my mom's statue of liberty pose but also that of jim's since we haven't seen it yet and oh my goodness! He made the original look pathetic! We had full arm extension, straight up, over the head candle light. I would have taken a picture if flash photography wasn't so frowned upon! And I miss watching greys with you too.

Connie Hoover said...

oh man, I wish I could see a replay of that one!