Saturday, January 10, 2009

31 days and counting...

Alright folks, It's official, as of tomorrow, January 11, 2009, we begin the OFFICIAL 1 MONTH COUNTDOWN TO MOVING DAY!!!

I've been in country for the past 5 months, first living in Dumaguete and now at my official site. The time has been broken into 2 host families, PC requiring us to live with each family for 3 months. My last month is about to begin... and you could say I'm a little excited. I've really enjoy the families that I've stayed with, but I'm also really ready to go out on my own.

The house that I'm moving into is taken care of by my current host mom. She is the caretaker while the owners are living in Cebu (another island). I'll be living in the upstairs, while a couple lives downstairs. It's hard to explain the layout of the house, but the downstairs isn't actually attached to the main part of the house. It should actually be like I'm there by myself, with an apartment underneath me.

So, as you can tell I'm anxiously awaiting the move... I even bought my rice cooker today in anticipation!! I'm such a geek.

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Josh and Sarah said...

A rice cooker:), good for you. I plan on boycottig rice in our home for a good 6 months after we move out. Blasphemous here, I know.