Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Firsts for the Babybook!

I'm coming up on my 7th month in the Philippines, 4th month at site. It's starting to become routine in certain ways, but then today happened and it was all new stuff. I had not one, but two firsts!!! YES!!

The first first came during breakfast. I was sitting down having my normal eggs, rolls, and sticky rice when I looked at Host Mom #2 and realized she had the most strange look on her face. She was silent, and just had this look of consternation. Then she finally turned to me after a few seconds and was like, "This is an earthquake!" Well, sure enough the floor was moving!!!!!

Granted it was so small, if she hadn't pointed it out to me I probably wouldn't have distinguished it from me shuffling my feet, but it doesn't matter. It's a big deal for a Florida girl. Apparently it was like a 5.4 quake about 30 miles southwest of Tacloban, which is still quite a ways from where we are on the coast. Not anything to jump up and down about, but still, I experienced my first earthquake!!!

Second first, I'm moving into my own place!!! I know, its taken me a while, but I'm finally living on my own. I moved the first half of my stuff today, with the help of my host brother (who on a side note has basically ignored me the past 3 months, but was all ready to help me move) and the working student who lives at the house with Host Family #2. Mark, the student, put all my things in the bicycle with a side cart and pedaled it all half a kilometer down the road. I'm only renting a room, so I am sharing the kitchen and the rest of the house. That's fine though, I'm very excited to have a little more independence.

It's been a nice Friday.

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