Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barney Fife... I think not!

When you tell somebody that you're joining the Peace Corps, some people assume you're going to be kidnapped and held for ransom or you'll be killed in the middle of no where and it'll be months before anybody finds out about it. Not so true here on the island of Leyte.

I came to my town almost 4 months ago hearing that the crime rate is reported at 0%. I mean, come on, that's pretty unbelievable! It seems like people have lived here their entire lives, all know each other, and are either best friends or related to each other. Can't really commit a major crime without everybody knowing it!

Today I got to meet the fine men in blue of Inopacan. Well, I'm actually not sure if they're from Inopacan or another station, but they were police officers and wearing blue... so really those are the most important things. They came to the school today, terrifying my co-teacher who first thought they were there to speak with her (why she was so nervous, I have no clue), to get a picture taken with me. I think I may be put in their newsletter or something, I'm not really sure. We get our pictures taken a lot, and it's easier just to smile and say, "Sure, why not!"

The 2 guys were really nice. They brought ice cream, coke, and cupcakes so they're like my favorite people right now. Even after those great treats though I liked them even more because when I looked closely at the one guy's gun holster I had to do a double take. Oh yes folks, in his gun holster was not a gun, oh no, it was most definitely his Nokia cell phone.

0% Folks, 0%.


Anonymous said...

That's a hoot!

Jasmine Sawers said...

Yeah, I got called in the middle of a lesson to go to my supervisor's office. You can imagine my immediate heart attack. Turns out there was a Hilongos police officer who wanted my name, age and "purpose."

I got no ice cream.