Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Tomorrow is Monday, and Monday is the Chinese New Year's Day. This fact brought around one of the great conversations ever..

It started with my host mom saying, "So your mother's maiden name is Chinese." HUH?

A) Kildahl? Not so Chinese. I mean I've never been to China before and I don't really enjoy Chinese food that much... but I'm pretty sure Kildahl would not be found in the Chinese Yellow Pages.

B) How does she know my mother's maiden name?!

Next comes, "Yes, Sue. That is very Chinese. AHH! NOW I GET IT.

Connie Sue Hoover.

After this comes, "Oh, no... That's just my middle name. My mother isn't Chinese or anything."

Classic example of the innocent misunderstandings I have eveyday about pretty much everything. It definitely keeps things interesting!

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