Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Tonight was fun.

It started at my host family's house, which I wasn't too excited about because the host mom guilted me into going, but then one of their cousins was there, and he was really funny. It turned out to be his birthday, so he invited us over to his house for kareokee. Again, wasn't very excited because, well, videokee is pretty much my mortal enemy. I mean, the videos they show behind the words is your ideal version of video hell. It's where all the pointless video footage of landscapes and bad American parades from 1982 go when they've died and been judged on their awfulness. yeah, you heard me, I'm critizing videokee... Ok, that being said, I had a great time listening to my host dad #2 sing Dean Martin and serenade my host mom #2 with Nat King Cole songs. They even got me to sing once. I usually get out of it, claiming I have about the worst voice on this side of the globe, but nonetheless they got me to sing My Heart Will Go on... which of course any girl who was in middle school when Titanic came out has a soft spot for; don't deny it, you know you do.

Then the second part of the night was filled with ballroom dancing. I have a confession... when I was three I had an extreme obsession with Dirty Dancing and would act out the final dance scene in my pink "dirty dancing" dress in my living room. I'm sorry to say, there's even video footage of this debacle floating around out there which my family has brought out on occasion to have a good laugh. So since that time, ballroom dancing has always been like this repressed dream of mine... and it just so happens that every student here knows how to dance AND the JS prom is this Friday, so everybody's in crazy ballrom dance fever mode. So the cousin's daughter, Scarlett, is trying to teach me. I know, I'm a white girl who can't dance... but it was still fun to try!

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Aunt Laura said...

Your MaMa took Ballroom dancing!!