Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prom, Filipino Style

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when it came to the JS Prom here in the Philippines. Would it be fancy? Do they have dates? How much glitter would be used in this festivity? Well… I have my answers now. It’s fancy, the boys are assigned to girls to dance with for the Cotillion, and if you’re a Filipino girl, you can wear a whole lot of glitter on your body.

I luckily got out of buying a gown for the prom (which I was told I had to do by my counterpart and supervisor) because finding an American sized dress was kind of pushing it, and instead just wore a dress that my mom had mailed to me. I’m glad I didn’t end up getting the gown… cause did any of the other teachers wear gowns like they were supposed to? BIG FAT NO! Awkward situation diverted, for once.

The decorations were all natural. They did a great job creating a tropical forest around the tennis courts. They used orchids, handmade tiki torches, ferns, banana leaves, etc. It was fun to watch the students bring all the foliage from their homes.

My favorite scene from prom this past week, seeing a line of put-puts outside the gates of the tennis court, waiting to drop off all the girls in their prom dresses. Put-puts are the bicycle taxis. My second favorite moment had to be seeing all the boys wearing their dads’ suits.

It was an overall great night.

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Josh and Sarah said...

I liked the guys wearing the borrowed suits too. They were all so cute in their oversized coats.