Sunday, March 1, 2009

Q & A

I get a lot of questions, and these are the most commonly asked ones:

1. What is your religion? Methodist. WHAT IS THAT? Christian. OH, OK.

2. How old are you? 23. OH, SO YOUNG!

3. Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend back home? No, no I'm not married. I'm too young.

this is always then followed with #4:

4. You will marry a Filipino? (Ok, honestly this isnt' really a question, more of a statement. But I like to think they're at least asking me what I think about the subject.)

5. May I touch your hair? Ok, but just once.

6. What skin whitener do you use? None, I'm naturally albino.

7. Do you get lonely living alone? No, I like to be independent.

8. Do you speak Visayan? Gamay lang. GAMAY LANG! HEHEHEHEHE

9. Do you eat rice? Yes, everyday. HEHEHEHE

and last, but not least

10. What do you want to eat? Nothing, busog na ko. OY, 2 ORANGES, I LOVE YOU.

(#10 is courtesty of host mom #2. one day she literally said, "I love you, so I give you food." and even if I'm already full, I can never leave the house without bananas, oranges, and some stype of sticky rice.)

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