Saturday, March 28, 2009

where's connie?

If you could choose any fictional character, who would you be? What a great question to ponder here, when at times you feel like there's absolutely nothing to do...except read. It's commonly said that Peace Corps provides you with the time and motivation to read more for pleasure than any other time in your life. I'd have to agree, whether it's the trashy romance novels that always have a happy ending, Three Cups of Tea that motivates and inspires, classics like The Great Gatsby, or the Twilight series that, yes, has even reached the Philippines in its uncontrolled popularity, all genres are consumed and leave you only wanting to read more.

But back to the orginal question, what character would you be?

I've decided, after careful deliberation, I'd have to be Waldo, of Where's Waldo? fame. I mean, think of all the interesting places and situations Waldo finds himself. He's probably one of the most popular people on the planet because everybody is constantly searching for him and always so excited to find him. I wonder if he ever gets tired of not blending in.

It's hard to blend in here too. While there are some foreigners in Leyte, there's nowhere near as many on this island as there are on other, more populated islands. It's still a big "shock" to see an American in certain parts, especially if you go up to the mountain barangays. And yes, when riding on the bus through town, you can watch people who are casually watching passengers go by, and they have the excited, "Waldo" reaction when they make eye-contact with you. It's like a brief, "OH! FOUND YA!" conversation that's only spoken through facial expressions.

When this happens, it just kind of makes you more aware that you're different than everyone else. Being different is ok, good at times. I mean who wants to be like everybody else, we're supposed to be individualists, right? I'll admit though, sometimes I wish I could really blend in.

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Abu Sarap said...

I could only imagine the ogle looks that you’ve been going thru everyday. Though its kinda frustrating sometimes that you are being treated and looked upon differently. Just look at the bright side of it. I bet people are treating you like a Hollywood celebrity in town and everybody wants get you’re attention. I also bet that whenever there’s a fiesta or any festivities... you’re always being invited upon and treated like a VIP, filling your plate with tons of food right?

You can get away with a lot of things for being American in the Philippines.