Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check it Out Now

I like the tv show Grey's Anatomy. They have it on tv here, it's just always a few episodes behind what is shown in America. That's no big deal, I can handle that. I was watching it last Monday, and was able to see the one where Izzie and Alex get married. That's the same episode where instead of Meredith beginning the show off with her monologue, Izzie did it. She pointed out how some days are the biggest days, but when they begin, you don't know how big or special they're going to end up being. The day after I saw that episode, I had one of those days.

I've been going to school almost everyday I've been in town during the summer break. It's pretty routine, I text to get the front gate open (or else I get to climb up this mountain of a hill, literally having to grab onto trees to try and drag myself to the top), label books by color, then number, then type all that information into the computer. It felt like an endless job, and no, it's technically not done yet, so yes, it is officially an endless job.

Well, this week is the last week before students return. I thought going to school on Tuesday would be the same as it has been all summer, but the ordinary day that I thought would happen turned into the day where all the hard work paid off. Instead of another day of encoding and sweating, it was a day of moving books onto new shelves in the newly enlarged library and sweating.

This is it. All of the boxes of books that have come in (all 2,800 books so far, with more coming!), all the organizing, and all the kids stopping by to help and to ask if they could borrow a book before school started has made this awesome room with enough books for not only the students at school but also the community. WOOHOO!!

Thank you for helping.

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