Tuesday, May 5, 2009

kenny rogers

Holy Cow, I've discovered the peso gambling in town!

Fiesta is coming on May 15, so things are already starting to get put into motion. One of those "things" is carnival type games set up by the water. They had BINGO, which was played in rapid-fire, speed-racer speed and in Cebuano, so needless to say I did not win; also they had darts, a coin toss game, and my favorite, the basketball drop.

Basketball drop consists of a large square with the center cut out. The outside of the square is made of wood with the number 1-25 written in individual squares, then inside the square is another smaller square that has 25 divots in it, each numbered 1-25. Connecting the big square with the little square is netting. So how it works is, the better puts a peso on a number, and then somebody rolls the basketball down the net and it eventually settles down into one of the divots. If it lands on the number you bet on, you earn 20 pesos for each peso bet.

It's low risk, low skill, highly addictive.

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