Friday, February 5, 2010

don't knock cockfighting until you've lived next to a guy with over a dozen roosters in his front yard

I can't prove it, but while I was gone for Christmas vacation, I think the rooster population on my street may have quadrupled. This is probably the biggest hurdle I've had to get over since returning . I quickly readjusted to lack of aircon, crowded transportation, and work, but man, these roosters are about to drive me crazy. I've taken to counting the number of crows I hear in a 60 second time period. The other day, it was 9pm, and I heard 9 calls. Then at 11pm, I heard 10 calls. When it was 4:30 am the next morning, I got up to 35 rooster crows. It's almost like a continuous rooster call, because by the time one rooster finished, three other have already started.

My solution: Let's up the cockfighting folks.

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