Monday, February 8, 2010

i don't know who 'they' is

They say that there are two seasons here, the dry season and the wet season. They say that the wet season is from October to June, and the rest is dry. I guess there's some general truth to this. As I've said before in other posts, there were points during January that were sunless for over a week stretch, but once the sun breaks through the weather could be any other day during that dry season. The only truth that I think you can say about the weather here is that no matter what month, you can count on it being hot.

Connie's Hot Scale:

November- December: It's Hot
January: Can't walk to school without Sweating Hot
February-March- It's so Frickin' Hot
April-July: I'll Drive 3 hours to Taclobon just to sit in the Airconditioned Mall Hot
August-October: I Think I can Make it till the New Year Hot

solution: halo halo.

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