Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sinulog Pictures

Each group that presents will have a Queen that is always holding a Santo Nino figure.
Costumes are AMAZING!

I think, and you can totally correct me if I'm wrong, but these might be "the heathens" before Santo Nino was introduced to the islands. Whoever they were, they were hilarious and fun to pose with.

One of the queens

The parade lasted for 9 hours as bands, dance troops and floats marched through Cebu City.

These were girls who were just about to preform at the grandstand where they would be judged. All presentation stops at noon for a lunch break. I loved their flowers!

Sinulog always has the best performers. Costumes, routines, and precision is key.

Saturday night during Sinulog. IT WAS PACKED!!

Mass on Saturday night of Sinulog. I've never been in such a densely packed crowd before. At the end of the service, the priests lead the crowd with "Viva Senior Santo Nino!" or "Viva Pit Senior!"

The men here are wearing malongs, which are found more in the Mindanao region of the country.

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Realtor Laura said...

Fantastic pictures Connie
What a celebration!!!