Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hoover, Connie. "Thank You Again." Leyte: Can You Read Me? Publishing, 2010.

I know it's been awhile since I talked about the library project that we've worked on at INHS, but that's because it was so successful that I at times forget we haven't always had it; it has honestly just become a norm at the school. I think that is the most that any Peace Corps volunteer can ask for; the project fits into the routine of the locals.

For the past few weeks the library has been filled by fourth year students (seniors in American terms) who are completing their research reports. For the first time, they have books in which to research at school. For example, one girl was researching the Titanic. She was able to not only look in the Encyclopedia, but also found National Geographic magazines, and several non fiction books that were on the shelves. So compared to past years, where students had to travel to other towns to utilize the Internet, they can now spend time at school researching. I think it will also help cut down on the rampant plagiarizing that occurs in the school systems here. Why? Today I overheard that same girl who researched Titanic pointing out to another student how to site from an encyclopedia. In no way am I saying plagiarizing is not happening now, but at least now they're within shouting distance to hear, "HEY, WHERE'S YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY?!!"

All in all, expectations have been raised in this year's research reports. Thank you for that.

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