Thursday, March 4, 2010

Job Opportunity!!

It's March 5, 2010. The school year is quickly approaching its finale, and I CANNOT wait! :) I love my school, really, I do. It's super tiny in Filipino terms (only around 370 students), and if I ever have an idea of special projects or ideas that I want to try, I've never been told no yet. It's a great place to be. BUT MAN O MAN, I am SO ready for sleeping-in days and trips to the beach that are possible Monday through Friday.

Something that has been different the past few months at school, and when I've told people about it back home they ask me if they've understood correctly, is that since January 8th, we have had no principal or school head at the school. Since our school population is so small, we're not required by the Department of Education to have a full fledged principal, but we should have some type of school head who has taken classes in school administration. That being said, we don't have one any more. Why? There is an upcoming election in May, thus all promotions throughout different national agencies have been postponed as of January so that no corruption or questionable advances can be made in connection to the election. I guess if we were going to receive a replacement head, it had to be done the same day that we lost our previous one because that was done on the last day before the deadline.

It's been interesting to see how the school functions without the designated leader. Luckily, one of the teachers, the Officer in Charge (OIC), has stepped in and is doing the administration type work that is obviously needed at a school, particularly during the final weeks when graduation and national achievement tests are to be given.

so, how many more days till summer break? :)

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