Monday, March 15, 2010

Kindie, my next suggestion will be Condie

Take a step back in time with me. A few weeks ago my friend Megan came down to visit for the weekend. During that time my host mom, who is the head nurse of the rural health clinic and pretty much in charge of all births that occur in the town, told us that there was a lady in the clinic delivering her baby. We immediately suggested that they should combine Megan and Connie into Cegan for the baby's name. JOKE LANG.

Step back into today, I'm standing on the side of the road waiting to catch a van into Baybay when a lady calls me over and says, "This is my baby Cegan! Cegan Dave! You're dad's name is Dave right?" Why yes, yes his name is Dave. I guess my host mom had added on that part on her own. And yet another thing I enjoy about the Philippines!


Loren said...

Does she pronounce it "See-gan" or "Kee-gan"?? The world needs to know about this!

Connie Hoover said...

she was saying it "kay-gan." i'm not sure about how she spelled it though... but still, pretty cool, right?!