Saturday, April 17, 2010

did you know that 80% of pollination is done by bees?

The site of the Blood Compact. This was when the Spanish and Filipinos first made a deal of friendship... obviously before the 300 years of colonization...
The Chocolate Hills. They're called this because during the dry season the trees and shrubs turn brown, thus giving the look of chocolate.


Can you find the queen?

The month of April is well underway, and with it came not only Easter but also my mom and sister. They arrived the day before the big holiday, and I was so excited to be able to show them around the Philippines. After a quick tour of the shopping Manila has to offer (which is a lot!!) we took a quick trip down to a part of the country I'd never been able to visit before. We stayed in Bohol, a popular tourist destination here, and were able to see the Chocolate Hills, stay at The Bee Farm, and see the much anticipated endagered tarsiers.
The Bee Farm was a pretty cool place to stay. It specializes in organic farming, and provides its guests with tours of the garden, bee insights, and the BEST food I've had here. Did you know that you can eat bouganvillia?! Yeah, it's true. They make salads at the restaurant that include beautiful flowers in them, and tell you, if a bee pollinates it, you can eat it. So my friends, be prepared, cause when I come back home I fully expect you to eat the bouganvillia and cosmos flowers that are in my tossed salads!
I'll provide the honey mustard dressing.

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