Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Back at staging (the time where all the PCVs first meet and sign away the next 2 years) we began to be introduced to the Philippine culture. This is when all of our googling endeavors were combined and we found out what others had discovered. Probably the 3 big things: balut (fertilized duck eggs), NPA/terrorists, and lastly, THEY CRUCIFY PEOPLE?!

It's true, sort of. There's a place in northern Luzon called San Fernando, Pampanga, where yes, a man volunteers each year to be nailed to a cross. He does it as an act of repentance, asking God's forgiveness for his sins. There are also other men who walk through the streets of town whipping themselves with spindles of wood and having their backs cut with glass. This again, is to show repentance.

I know I've become desensitized in a way since coming here, because while I was shocked back at staging, the shock wasn't with me yesterday. I did however get an uneasy feeling in my gut. What a unique experience.

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