Friday, June 11, 2010

Dude, they had gummy bears as party favors... COOL!

May and June are definitely the wedding season! I got to go to ANOTHER wedding last weekend, but this time it was in Cebu... OOO-LA-LA!! :) My host mom and I took a ferry over and then quickly went to the pension house to change and get ready for the service by 12:30. Of course we got there at 1 and nothing had started yet... FILIPINO TIME! ha, we got there just in time. The service was held in the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, and was beautiful!

This wedding was for a girl who grew up in the town where I live. I'd never met her, but like most of my social events, I got in because of my host mom. It was a really nice wedding, with beautiful imported flowers, and a huge reception in a local casino. The picture below is the bride and groom with their sponsors. I think the groom is a seamen, and they're planning on moving to Canada.

The reception was VERY westernized, and lots of fun! They had a MC who tried really hard to get the crowd energized, two huge buffet lines, live singers, and a photo booth set up outside for guests to get momentos of the couple's special day... oh, and margaritas! :) The cake below blew me away. It had fondant icing, multiflavor layers, and best of all, they actually cute it and served it at the reception! I've found that it's often the tendency for the families to save the cake for AFTER the reception... which leaves me without the sugar buzz I was hoping for.

It was a neat experience to go to a wedding in the big city. Something different, and new, which makes the days go by quicker!

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Josh and Sarah said...

What a cake! Unbelievable!