Wednesday, June 30, 2010

President NoyNoy Aquino

Yeah, that's a picture I took of my tv of the inauguration... and yes, I know how geeky that is of me, and I'm cool with it.

The new mayor, swearing in.

June 30... the big inaugration day here in the Philippines! Last May, elections were held for both national and local governments and today was the day many had worked so hard for.

I got to attend the swearing in for the local government unit (LGU) here at my site. There were councilmen who took their oath of service, and then the vice mayor and mayor.

Next I rushed back to the house to see the tailend of the national inauguration on television. Thousands of people came out to see Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III be sworn in as the 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines. His inauguration speech included promises of honest, clean government and persuing and investigating leads of previous corruption by politicians.

The last name, Aquino, may ring a bell to many of you. NoyNoy is the son of Cory Aquino who passed away last year and who was also a president of RP. His father was also famous for pushing the values of democracy before being assassinated during the Marcos reign. As an outside observer, it seems that the name Aquino goes hand-in-hand with democracy, and all the values that many Filipinos voted for.

An exciting time here in the Philippines!


Brian said...

You're page is pretty cool. I got your link on the Peace Corps Journal page. I wish I was doing Peace Corps work in the Philippines. I'm applying right now. I was just there a few weeks ago for 3 weeks. I loved it.

Can I add you on facebook?

Connie Hoover said...

sure :)