Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i got the fatigue

I got the fatigue; the blogger's fatigue. What to write about?! I've told about projects. I've mentioned the weather. What else is there in life?

This was my case, my sad sad tale of not having anything to write. I was thinking these lame excuses for my lack of writing when BAM, god healed me... here's the story:

An unsusupecting Peace Corps volunteer walked through her small town. She was walking along the only main highway through her site, a 2 laned road that runs the length of the island, and she had to carefully pick her way through a maze of parked pedicabs. The sun was shining high in the sun, making the volunteer have to shade her eyes. Finally she got to the shady corner of the street that she had to turn onto. She just got her eyes to adjust to the suddent shade when all of a sudden a woman carrying a young child walks up to her. She'd never met the lady before, nor seen the kid around town. She smiled politely, cause really, who would want to be known as the American girl who never smiles? Her smile was returned with a, "Are you American?" "Yes, ma'am. I am, " she replied. "Oh, so is she (the kid). Half American; her father is American," said the lady. "Oh, that's nice," said the hesitant volunteer. She wondered what what happen next. And then the volunteer's entire day brightened, "Her name is Princess Rapunzel," the lady continued.

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