Saturday, June 26, 2010

One year later

Coolest thing OF the year: I discovered this back during the summer when I was breaking into the school because the main gate was locked. It's on the back of the CR (comfort room, aka bathroom) on campus for students. It only seemed appropriate to share it with ya'll as we just passed the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.
yeah, that's right, it's a homemade memorial to Michael Jackson. :) I LOVE THIS. I know in America Michael Jackson became somewhat of a joke, with tons of people believing he is a sexual predator or at the very least just a very unique and perhaps misunderstood individual, but in the Philippines nobody mentions his questionable past. They LOVE him for his music, his dance moves, and perhaps his whiteness? I'm not sure about that last one, but in a society where whitening soaps are as bountiful as America's antibacterial soaps, I can't help but think that may be part of the allure. No matter the reasons, MJ is a loved figure.
Loved how much you may ask? Enough to where a year ago when he died, I had to actually console a student. "Ma'am Connie, is it true Michael Jackson is dead?!" "Yes... I'm very sorry, but I promise it will be ok. Promise." Enough that a prison in Cebu City created a dance team that did a mass dancing to Thriller and other favorites. (On a sad, sad sidenote, this amazing show has been closed due to questionable managing... leaving me kicking myself for not getting to see it earlier and hating corruption with an even greater passion!). And lastly, enough that last year's annual acquaintance party at school was abruptly changed from a luau theme to Michael Jackson after his death last year. I mean, need I say more to explain the deep passionate affair of Michael Jackson and the Philippines?!
And yeah, I'll admit it, I like his music more now that I've lived here... so BEAT IT!

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