Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alright, So I'm an Addict

Some people's drug of choice is marijuana, others prefer crack, I however choose to use and abuse the Internet. I admit, my use of the Internet is getting way out of hand, like it's my lifeline to what I've known in the past and without it I might loose everything. I know it's kind of irrational and I'm really never going to loose my past, but all the same, it's really nice to be able to log-on and get instant information and communicate to everyone I love.

Some people give up their choice drugs cold turkey, others go through intense rehabilitation programs, I however will be put in a Filipino town that doesn't have Internet. Yeah, I don't know quite what to say. I'm trying to decide if I should wean myself off the Internet while I'm still in training, or live it up while I can.

Some people cannot overcome their addictions, I however am determined to. I'm trying to think of all the other things I can do: write letters seems to be on the top of my list, read (maybe I'll finally get to read all 2 billion pages of the Harry Potter's series), visit the beautiful area in and around my site, grade papers, actually practice my Cebuano language materials, meet the great new students and citizens of the site I'll be at. The possibilities are endless, I just need to get over this small hurdle in this big adventure! But I can't help but wonder... do they have a 12 step program for this? :)

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Pastor Tim said...

dear aunt connie, how are you? about the pigs blood try pigs hooves soaked in vinegar.Just the smell of it is bad.