Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Rocky Road"- said like Chunk from The Goonies

We got back last night (Saturday night) from our site debriefing with the leaders from Peace Corps. It takes six hours to drive from Bacolod to Dumaguete on a bus... and oh my goodness was it the bumpiest ride ever. It didn't help the situation that I had to go to the bathroom after the first hour, and the scheduled stop wasn't for another hour and a half. A full bladder on a rocky road is not a good situation!

Buses are a big means for long distance transportation, but they're slightly different than the ones in America. The bus will begin it's trip at a terminal, but it will make unscheduled stops along the way if it sees people just standing on the side of the road. So in that way, it's almost just like a taxi service as well. There is a conductor type guy who comes through the bus and that is when you pay, it cost 250 pesos for our trip back to Dumaguete. Some things are the same as in America, like this bus had an airconditioner on it that could reverse Global Warming, and I was glad that this is the one time I had my rain jacket with me. There was however, one big difference, the bus coming back had videokee on it. Yep, kareokee with a bus full of people, bumping along the rocky road; can't get much better than that!

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wisekris said...

videokee sounds tooo cool... i wish i was there! that just sounds like something from the Office... oh and don't worry theres only been one episode so far... I'm working on it :wink: